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Jobie Chalfin

Jobie Chalfin

I had been teaching in London for over 10 years and decided I wanted a career change. I started looking into setting up the CHALFIN boxer range in January 2014 having no previous experience either in manufacturing or business but I had a strong belief in the product.

The idea came about because of my incredibly fussy brother. From a young age he never wore the standard school uniform as the jumper or the trousers were too itchy and he always had to have better quality than the standard uniform on offer. He is still exactly the same today so I know if he likes them I must be onto a good thing. He has always said for a long time that traditional cotton boxer shorts with some form of support would be a perfect combination. So here we are…….

It has been an amazing journey, learning so much along the way. To get where I am today I have had the most incredible mentor in a family friend. He is a retired CEO of a vast underwear manufacturing company, working in the industry for almost 50 years. I took the idea to him in January and since then his advice, support and direction has been paramount in achieving my objectives.

He introduced me to a wonderful lady who has an impressive factory in the Midlands. I recognised straight away that she had extremely high standards, a real passion for the work she does and an amazing eye to detail, which was so important to me. I am fortunate to have a great relationship with her and her team, trusting them implicitly.